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Whether you are in the market to purchase, thinking of selling, or both, I am here to help.  
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To:  Kent Thompson

Why Choose Us?

In a country where there is no MLS, where Spanish is the native language, and anyone can legally sell real estate--the choice of who you work with is as important as the property you ultimately decide on.  Costa Rica is a 'wild west' of real estate, and therefore it's critical to choose someone who is trustworthy, knowledgable and professional.  


Our Values:


  • Honesty: In a day and age were truth is often warped, honesty is the foundation of our business.
  • Knowledge & Experience: Over 2 decades combined work in real estate.
  • Respect for the Natural Environment: We will not represent or sell properties that pose a threat to the environment.
  • Professionalism: We are hard-working and punctual, and represent our clients with respect.
  • Communication: We are bilingual in Spanish and English, allowing us better communication with all of our clients.


OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We promise to represent you to the fullest, to be transparent in our actions and communications, and do our best to find you the ideal property!